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SlamBlok™ Door Control Solutions

Made for doors, windows, cabinets, hatches, and more

SlamBlok™ is our state-of-the-art line of slamming solutions, powered by our proprietary RheoSmart™ Nanotechnology. SlamBlok™ products are small, unobtrusive devices which can be easily implemented to stop the hazards and disturbances that come from slamming doors and other hardware. With both residential and commercial applications, SlamBlok™ slamming solutions provide a safe and noise free environment to homes, schools, and offices alike.

ShokBlok™ Industrial Solutions

ShokBlok™ is our revolutionary answer to shock absorption and dampening for industrial applications. ShokBlok™ solutions are built to your specifications and interchangeable with your current hydraulic, gas, or pneumatic systems. ShokBlok™ solutions can be applied to any traditional application of industrial dampening or shock absorption while maintaining an unmatched life expectancy and maintenance-free operations.