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SlamBlok™ Door Control Solutions

Made for doors, windows, cabinets, hatches, and more

Doors are a familiar source of security, privacy, and aesthetic. We walk through them every day, often hundreds of times, without giving them much thought.

When doors slam, however, they do not go unnoticed. Caused by wind, children, pets, teens, or whatever the source may be, slamming doors are disruptive and dangerous.

Slamming doors are loud, jarring, and continuously irritating.

There are more than 300,000 reported accidents every year where slamming doors leads to emergency room visits. These are serious injuries that could have been prevented.

Thankfully, there is now a revolutionary new solution to address the disruption and dangers of door slamming.

Moshun’s breakthrough product line, the SlamBlok™ door suite, implements one of a kind movement control capabilities.

This patented line of door hardware is the latest and greatest solution to the age old problem of door slamming. Made with our proprietary and highly engineered RheoSmart™ Nanotechnology, SlamBlok™ devices are designed to prevent doors from slamming on fingers, big and small. Whether it’s for construction with new doors, or retrofit for existing buildings, Moshun has a solution to meet your needs.

All SlamBlok devices are designed to harness the same ground-breaking technology in whatever form is convenient for you.